ProEquip 12V/60W Oil Extractor/Suction Pump

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PE1203 – 12V Oil Extractor / Suction Pump Ideal pump for quick and clean oil changes and/or fluid extraction. Can be used for engine oils diesel fuel and heating oil. Complete with all necessary accessories. Specification: Voltage: DC 12V / 5Amp Power: 60W Suction: 0.8m Sound: 70 dB(A) Max. Flow: 3 l/min (40-50°C) Motor Oil / Diesel oil: 4 l/min Dia. of Suction hose: 6 mm O.D. Dia. of Outlet hose: 10 mm I.D. Net Weight: 1.1kg *12 Month Limited Warranty against faulty materials and manufacture defects only* NOTE: Do not operate for longer than 30mins. Switch off and let unit cool before restarting. Do not use with water-based fluids not suitable for petrol.

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