Tape Measures & Rulers(30)
Testing & Detection Tools(2)
Sam Rock
Strong Hand
361 Voltage Tester 220-250V Blister Card
Aluminium Level
Aluminium Rule
Battery Cover Cell for Coolant Proof Calipers
Bevel Protractor
Bore Gauge
Carpenter/Rafter Square
Combination Square
Contact Point
Cover Cell Packing (o-ring) for Coolant Proof Caliper
Data Management
Depth Micrometer
Dial Depth
Dial Gauge Stand
Dial Indicator Metric, 10mm of Measurement, Increments of 0.01mm
Dial Indicator Series 2
Dial Test Indicator
Dial Vernier Caliper
Digimatic Caliper
Digimatic Caliper CP
Digimatic Caliper with Data Output
Digimatic Caliper without Data
Digimatic Depth Gauge
Digimatic Indicator
Digimatic Indicators
Digital Caliper 6" Metric & Imperial
Digital Caliper 8" Metric & Imperial
Digital Indicators
Digital Micrometers Quick Mini
Digital Protractor
Digital Tube Micrometer
Extension Cable For AT115 Scale ***Price on Application***
Extension Rod
Feeler Gauge 32 Blade
Fish Tape
Footswitch Adaptor for Direct Input Cable
Gib Slider
Hand Tally Counter
Height Gauge Digital
Hex Wrench Set
Inside Caliper
Inside Micrometer
Interchangeable Rod
Linear Scale AT715
Linear Scales
Linear Scales AT116
Linear Scales AT715
Locking Nut (M3)
Magnetic Level
Magnetic Stand
Magnetic Stand for Dial Gauge
Magnetic Stand for Dial Test Gauge
Magnifying Glass
Micrometer Imperial 0-1"
Micrometer Imperial 1-2"
Micrometer Metric 0-25mm
Micrometer Metric 100-200mm Set
Micrometer Metric 25-50mm
Micrometer Metric 75-100mm
Micrometer Metric Brake Disc 25mm-50mm
Micrometer Metric Brake Disc 7.6mm-33mm
Micrometer Standard
Outside Caliper
Outside Micrometer
Outside Micrometer Digit
Outside Micrometer Digital
Outside Micrometer Set
Outside Micrometer Set Individuals
Outside Micrometer Set Interchangeable Anvils
Outside Micrometer Set of Individuals
Pocket Comparator
Pocket Level
Pocket Magnifier
Protractor (Square Head)
Reading Unit Assembly for Coolant Proof Calipers
Rod (38mm) for 141 Series
SR44 Battery
Screw Thread Micrometer
Sliding Bevel
Spring Divider
Stainless Steel Rule
Steel Square
Steel Square Set 4pc
T25425 Aluminium Level 9"
Tape Measure 8m
Tappet & Ignition - 18pc
Telescopic Gauge
Thermal Printer Paper for DP-1VR
Thickness Gauge
Thickness Gauge Digimatic
Thread Pitch Gauge
Topman Contour Gauge
Touch Signal Probe
USB Input Tool Direct for Non Coolant Digimatic Micrometers
Vernier 6" Metric & Imperial, Imperial increments in 1/16ths
Vernier 8" Metric & Imperial, Imperial increments in 1/16ths
Vernier Caliper
Vernier Caliper - Fine Adjust
Vernier Caliper - Long Jaw
Vernier Caliper Stainless Steel Digital
Vernier Depth Gauge

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