Tool Belts & Pouches(1)
Tool Lanyards & Straps(10)
Tools Bags Storage(1)
Tools Storage(6)
Workshop Tools(119)
Torin - Big Red
18 Litre Oil Pan
40 Gallon Parts Washer
Air / Hydraulic Bottle Jack 12.0 Ton
Air / Hydraulic Ram 8.0 Ton
Aluminium / Steel Garage Floor Jack
Aluminium Racing Jack
Axle Stand (1 Pair)
Axle Stand (1Pr) 12.0 Ton Min HT 460mm / Max HT 715mm
Axle Stand (1Pr) 3.0 Ton Min HT 295mm / Max HT 425mm
Blow Heater
Bottle Jack
Cable Tie 100/Pack
Car Dolly (1 Pair)
Car Ramp (1 Pair)
Car Ramp (1 Pair) 2 Ton
Chain Block 0.5 Ton, 3 Metre Lift, Hook to Hook 240mm
Chain Lever Hoist
Drum Auger
Engine Lifter 2 Ton
Engine Stand
Engine Stand 1,000Lb
Engine Support Bar 0.3 Ton
Farm Jack
Foldable Engine Hoist
Forklift Jack 4,000Kg
Garage Floor Jack
Garage Floor Jack Low Profile
Garage Jack - Long 10.0 Ton
Garage Jack - Long 3.0 Ton
Garage Jack - Long 5.0 Ton
Garage Jack - Small 2.0 Ton
Garage Jack - Super Low 2.1 Ton
Garage Jack 2.5 Ton Min HT 142mm Max HT 510mm
Garage Jack 5 Ton
Hydraulic Adjustable Creeper Seat
Hydraulic Air Jack 2-Stage 50-25 Ton
Hydraulic Air Jack 20.0 Ton
Hydraulic Air Jack 3-Stage 40-20-10 Ton
Hydraulic Air Jack 3-Stage 50-25-10 Ton
Hydraulic Air Jack 50.0 Ton
Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10.0 Ton
Hydraulic Bottle Jack 12.0 Ton
Hydraulic Bottle Jack 15.0 Ton
Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50.0 Ton
Hydraulic Bottle Jack 8.0 Ton
Hydraulic Lifting Table 300Kg
Hydraulic Lifting Table 350Kg
Hydraulic Lifting Table 400Kg
Hydraulic Portable Power Kit
Hydraulic Ram 12.0 Ton
Hydraulic Ram 8.0 Ton
Hydraulic Squat Bottle Jack 10.0 Ton
Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jack
Lever Hoist Block 1.0 Ton, Chain Length 1.5 Metres
Lever Hoist Block 2.0 Ton, Chain Length 1.5 Metres
Manual Chain Hoist
Oil Drain Rack Stand
Pallet Jack, 1000kg,
Pallet Jack, 1500kg,
Pedestal Fan 30"
Plastic Workshop Creeper
Pneumatic Axle Jack
Porta Power Kit 10 Ton
Porta Power Kit 20 Ton
Porta Power Kit 4 Ton
Press & Pull Kit (28 pce)
Race Jack Steel/Alloy 2.5 Ton
Reciprocating Air Hydraulic Power Unit
Sand Bag 25Kg
Sandblasting Cabinet
Scissor Jack 1 Ton
Scissor Jack 1.0 Ton
Steel Creeper
Steel Workshop Creeper with Adjustable Head Rest
Tool Box
Tool Box - 5 Tier
Tool Cart Trolley
Tool Cart Trolley with Drawer
Tool Chest 9 Drawer
Tool Pouch
Tool Rolling Cabinet 7 Drawer
Tote Bag with Handle
Transmission Jack
Transmission Jack 1.0 Ton
Transmission Lifter 0.5 Ton
Trolley Jack Low Profile 2 Ton
Truck Transmission Jack 1,000lb
Truck Transmission Lifter 1.5 Ton
Tweezer Set 4pc

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